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[Bleach] Deathsong: Index

Title: Deathsong
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Ichigo, Rukia, Renji / IchiRuki
Genres: action/adventure, romance, friendship
Word Count: ~58,000, eleven chapters & epilogue

Rating: T for violence and language.

Summary: Post-series. An accident has unexpected ramifications, and Ichigo suddenly faces a new life and a new threat in Soul Society. Living is never as simple as it seems.

Notes: This story is canon-compliant up through chapter 405. This means no tiny!Zangetsu, no redeemed!Gin, and absolutely no Most-Beautiful-Butterfly!Aizen. All further extrapolations are my own.

My thanks first go to jade_sabre_301, for betaing, for her righteous fury over my weakness for adverbs, and for being so patient as I agonized over tenses. Thanks for being gentle with my drabble-writer’s rough transition into chaptered fic, hon, and I hope I haven't tormented you with this fandom too long. ♥

Secondly, I would like to thank my mother for her help with several key plot points. This fanfic would not exist as it is without her input.

Soundtrack: I have created a playlist of the songs I listened to while writing this. If you’re interested, you can listen to it here on

This story is also available on here.

Chapter One: Mortal Coil Overture
   An introduction, of sorts, and things are set in motion.
Chapter Two: Halcyon Days (Kurosaki Remix)
   Goodbyes are said, and Ichigo meets with more than one end.
Chapter Three: First Day Blues
   Ichigo is not the only one waking up; offers are made and accepted.
Chapter Four: Enter the Second Voice (Countermelody)
   Ichigo discovers that there is more to the Academy than meets the eye, and Zangetsu offers a dangerous revelation.
Chapter Five: Interloper's Interlude
   Memories, and an almost.
Chapter Six: Blend the Antiphonal
   Beginnings are navigated, and the Hollow grows more complicated.
Chapter Seven: Requiem for the Living
   The past catches up.
Chapter Eight: Marionette's Lullaby
   There are worse things to fear than death.
Chapter Nine: Sincere Caesura
   Ichigo and Rukia are not romantic people.
Chapter Ten: Aubade, Diminished
   There is a puppetmaster, and there is the Hollow, and there is Ichigo, and only one of them is in control.
Chapter Eleven: The Savage Cadenza
   All things must end.
Epilogue: Unison
   And so they live.
Tags: *fanfic, [fandom: bleach], multi-part: deathsong, ship: ichigo/rukia
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